Holistic Health Coaching

Be your own doctor

The goal of Holistic Health Coachings (HHC) is to help you become more self-reliant in your health. Your resources and your self-regulating competencies are promoted.

Whether you want more efficiency or more rest and relaxation is irrelevant.

To achieve these goals, we use the ancient knowledge of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), internal and external martial arts, as well as yoga and meditation.

The connection of body and mind, mindfulness and the holistic approach are important foundations shared by these methods.

To illustrate the methods used and their effects, here are some practical examples

  • through meditation more serenity, calmness and better sleep is achieved
  • through Qigong more energy is brought into everyday life
  • yoga makes the body more supple and flexible and releases chronic tensions
  • through martial arts training, greater resilience and a strong will to persevere in daily life are promoted
  • our movements and actions in general become more relaxed and supple with the help of Taichi
  • Yoga or Qigong improve breathing and achieve greater mental calm and concentration.
Which methods are chosen will be decided together with you at the beginning of the coaching in an individual conversation or in an anamnesis.