Holistic Health Coaching

Nuno Damaso

The goal of Holistic Health Coaching (HHC) is to help you become more self-reliant in your health. Your resources and your self-regulating competencies are promoted.

To achieve these goals, we use the ancient knowledge of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), internal and external martial arts, as well as yoga and meditation.

Practices I use to achieve your goals

At the beginning of the coaching, which methods are chosen will be decided together with you in an individual interview or anamnesis.


the energy flow

Taichi is the art of deceleration par excellence. Slow movements lead to relaxation and flow for more calm and serenity in everyday life.

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manage your Energy

The art of self-management – learn to treat your energy household consciously.

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there is power in serenity

Focus your strength; connect yourself firmly with the ground through mindfulness and concentration in the here and now.

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moving meditation

Strength, flexibility, balance and serenity for a better quality of life.

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Power control

The art of opposites:
Strength - gentleness, speed - slowness, Tension - suppleness, aggressiveness - self-control.

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The big quest for inner and outer balance

Through conscious lifestyle, nutrition and emotional balance, we learn to maintain our inner balance and health. TCM is the holistic medicine par excellence.

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