Mindfulness in everyday life, grounding and centering.

Meditation can be practiced with different goals in mind. It is a central method in many spiritual traditions.

In stress prevention, meditation can also be viewed quite pragmatically as an extremely effective method to calm our minds.

Here, too, there are different methods and ways. Basically, it is about fixing our mind on a meditation object (e.g., breathing or the body) and thus calming it down.

This can be quite difficult in the beginning. With a little diligence and discipline, you will quickly overcome the first obstacles and benefit extremely from a regular practice.

The body and the mind relax. We gain distance from our thought stream and from ourselves. We learn to put things into perspective and let go, and we become more able to look at things as they are. This helps us to de-dramatize the stresses of everyday life.

We get in touch with ourselves and our intuition. We learn to look and listen more within.