Strength, suppleness and serenity

The benefits of yoga are extremely varied. Yoga can be considered an ancient science.

In addition to the asanas (postures) that make the body strong, supple and flexible, breathing plays a central role in yoga.

Thus, various pranayama (breathing) techniques are taught according to need. They can have a calming, strengthening or balancing function depending on how they are performed.

Our own breathing can be used as a powerful tool for everyday life and help us deal with stress, restlessness and even insomnia.

In addition, there are also countless meditation methods in yoga that work wonders against stress.

So, yoga is a method that is very effective in helping both our body and our mind.

A regular practice leads to a better understanding of body and mind and leads to more mindfulness, serenity and resilience in everyday life.

Yoga is of course also a spiritual practice, which helps us to look at our material life from a different perspective and to put it into perspective.