Meditation in movement

Taichi is usually associated with slow, flowing and elegant movements.

Actually, it is an ancient Chinese martial art that is performed at a slow pace. The figures are actually fighting techniques and all have their application in self-defense.

This wonderful art also has a strong therapeutic aspect.

In fact, Taichi, as well as Qigong, acupuncture or acupressure belong to the discipline of Chinese medicine. They are considered preventive methods to maintain health.

According to Taoist view, a person is healthy when his energy, also called chi, flows harmoniously through his meridians throughout the body.

This is exactly the main goal of Taichi. Through mindfulness, slowness, relaxation, collection, and of course breathing, the learner attempts to get his energy flowing throughout the body.

Of course, the slowness and relaxation work wonders on the mind, which can shut down and stay completely in the here and now.

So Taichi can help the body move in a very smooth and relaxed way and calm the mind.

Thus, it can be said that Taichi is the art of deceleration par excellence.