The balance of movement and tranquility

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art.

In martial arts, qualities such as strength, speed, agility, balance, agility, endurance and concentration are trained.

Most martial arts are strongly influenced by Taoism and thus seek to balance polarities.

In this non-dual way of thinking, tension and relaxation, speed and calmness, aggressiveness and self-control, are not seen as opposites, but as complementary qualities.

This very special balance brings a new understanding of performance. Calmness, composure and relaxation are considered important components of successful performance.

It is a matter of consciously using our strengths and repeatedly acting out of calmness.

Those who can relax, for example, are able to move much faster, but also more effortlessly. This optimizes the energy consumption and efficiency of a movement.

These principles can be wonderfully integrated into everyday life and stress prevention.

Combat training involves a lot of intensity and stress. Emotions, such as fear and anger, must be mastered even under strong pressure. Exactly such qualities are of great benefit in our stressful everyday life.

The goal is to develop a balanced performance strategy in everyday life, so that we can harmoniously combine action and calmness.